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It wasn't too long ago that I was carefree, sipping on lemonade, enjoying the sun. Then came September.
Dress by Corey Lynn Calter; jacket by Urban 1972; watch by ToyWatch; shoes by Loriblu.
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Now it's back to being a mandatory bookworm.
Blouse by Ani Lee; vest by Jonano; jeans by American Apparel.
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When the lunch bell rings, a picnic of cheese & crackers from the shop up the road from school is a breath of fresh air from stuffy classrooms. Finally...a break!
Sweater, jacket, and shorts by H&M; hat by Vintage Schaparelli; socks by American Apparel.
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Sometimes, lunch is just enough rest to give you the energy for 3rd and 4th period. Sometimes, you need to stretch it a wee bit to make it long enough. Those sometimes are often followed by visits to the principal's office.
Blouse by Gracia; vest by H&M; shorts by Topshop; socks and shoes by American Apparel.
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One of my favourite parts about the back to school madness of fall: Picture Day. How do you like this one?
Button up by Line and Dot; crewneck by Corey Lynn Calter.
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Or how about this one? Very studious.
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Daydreaming is inevitable by 4th period math. As long as you look towards the chalkboard and not the window, teachers think your mind is on school and not what you’d rather be doing outside of class. My number one daydream?
Top by H&M; Dress by WTB.
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Celebrating the last school bell of the day!
Top and shoes by H&M; pants by Corey Lynn Calter; socks by American Apparel.
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